Hi there! I'm Ben Robinson,

Student, software engineer

and tech enthusiast.

About Me

I’m a Computer Science student at the University of Oxford, learning software development for Apple’s platforms, the web and the server in my own time. I enjoy a challenge and love exploring new frameworks, languages and technologies.

In 2021 and 2022, I was named a winner of Apple’s annual Swift Student Challenge and was lucky enough to present my app to Tim Cook and other top Apple management. I've also been featured in an Apple EU article on learning to code.

Since then, I have also become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner having demonstrated my understanding of cloud computing and its applications.

Explore some of the projects I have worked on below.

My Skills

  • Swift
  • SwiftUI and UIKit
  • C#
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
  • Learning new technologies and languages!


Software Engineer Intern @ Accessia

July 2024 - Present

  • Currently interning at Accessia, developing delightful experiences for users of their access control systems.
  • Developing for Android and gaining experience communicating with the company's micro-controllers.

July 2024 - Present

Junior Softare Engineer @ VLE Support

April 2022 - Present

  • Engineering new features for VLE Support’s further education student management software.
  • Full-stack development using C#, TypeScript, Knockout.js, SQL and more.
  • Working part-time whilst still in full-time education.

April 2022 - Present

Software Engineer Micro-Intern @ Cisco (Ensoft)

June 2024

  • Delivered a new API for accessing AWS spending forecasts to power new dashboards, with the aim of reducing expenditure each quarter from unnecessary servers left running by testing teams.
  • Design and implemented a comprehensive test suits to guarantee correct reporting.

June 2024

Launcher (Spring Micro-Intern) @ Palantir

April 2024

  • Discovered more about working for Palantir, and learnt more about software development in Big Tech.
  • Produced new data visualisations of vaccine availability using Palantir's Foundry platform and AIP.

April 2024

Software Engineer Micro-Intern @ Modux

December 2023

  • Insight program to explore software engineering in the cyber security sector.
  • Conducted research project into Reed-Solomon error correcting codes for QR code reading.
  • Developed manual QR code encoding and decoding framework in C#.

December 2023

Work Experience Placement @ BI:=AI

June 2022

  • Advised BI:=AI on steps to take towards offering mix-lingual speech processing for Cantonese and English.
  • Developed a new python interpreter for Excel formulae to facilite the migration of legacy client spreadsheets to databases.

June 2022


Anxiety Relief: Find Your Calm

My first iOS app, built aged 14. Features deep integration with Siri, Widgets and HealthKit.


Mafia: The Game

A real-time multiplayer social deduction game for iOS, macOS, tvOS and the web.


Language Learning Platform

A-level project. A system for teachers to assign vocabulary learning homework for long-term knowledge retention.


Where Can I Travel?

A web app crowd-sourcing information on travel restrictions. Won 2nd overall in a MLH hackathon.


📦 Cosmic Mining

ML approach to spectral classification of stars. In collaboration with IRIS.


📦 Excel Formulae

A python interpreter for Excel formulae. In collaboration with BI:=AI HK.


📦 SettingsBundleBuilder

A result builder powered library to generate iOS app setting bundles.


📦 SplashKit

Apple-esque splash screens on-the-fly to stylishly introduce new app features.



An app for Apple Watch that tracks runs and helps with interval training.


Student Map

A database visualisation project for student outreach teams to identify applicant and alumni hotspots.




M3 Challenge Technical Computing Awardee

April 2023


British Informatics Olympiad Finalist

March 2023


Apple Swift Student Challenge Winner

June 2022


MLH Hackathon 2nd Overall

October 2021


Harvard Summer Semester

August 2021


Apple Swift Student Challenge Winner

June 2021


Latest Posts

Languages: My A-level CS Project


17 August, 2023 | 1 min

As part of my Computer Science A-level, I created a new platform for foreign language vocabularly learning in classrooms. Powered by intelligent marking and spaced repetition techniques.

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